Who we are- We are Ebonyi State College of Education, Ikwo, an academic Institution established by Law No.003 of 2001 and amended by “Law No. 008 of 2010” for the training of teachers as well as for research and studies in Education.

The Ebonyi State College of Education shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and common seal and power to sue and be sued in its corporate name and to acquire, hold and dispose property.

The functions of the College are:

  • To organize, improve and develop courses for training of various categories of teachers in line with the NCCE minimum standards;
  • To promote research and advancement of Science and Learning;
  • To serve as a center for educational research, especially as applied to local conditions;
  • To organize, improve and extend education to a standard higher than the secondary school level; and
  • To encourage all classes and communities without any distinction to pursue a regular and liberal courses in Education.

For the purposes of training and maintaining the highest possible academic standards, the College shall:
Award the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) or any other certificates or Diplomas to students of the College who may qualify for the award;

Forward the processed results of the graduates of the College to the NCCE or its designated agents who is the final signatory to the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) awarded by the College.


Brief History of Ebonyi State College of Education, Ikwo
The college was formally established by Ebonyi State of Nigeria Law. No. 003 of 6th March, 2001 as an institution for training of teachers as well as for research and study of education. Prior to its conversion to a College of Education, it was formally a College of Agriculture with its origin in the Norwegian Church Agricultural Project (NORCAP) founded as a Missionary rural development project in Ikwo in 1962.

The project, with all its assets was voluntarily handed over to the then Anambra State Government of Nigeria on 1980, who subsequently converted it to an Agricultural Training School in 1982. It later metamorphosed into the present Ebonyi State College of Education, Ikwo in 1999/2000 academic session. The College is however developing a master plan to fit into the inherited 40 – hectares expanse of land. At the moment, the college has adequate academic and non-academic staff and students’ population dwindles just like many other colleges of Education in Nigeria

The academic structure is in 5 schools with 20 departments and over 50 course combinations. At the moment, the college is entering her 12th year of academic operations. Between Nov 26th and 29th 2003, the college undertook the usual Resource visitation primarily aimed at accessing the resource level of the college, with a view to registering it as a college of Education. The College was found qualified and approved as one of the colleges of Education in Nigeria in October, 2004. The removed the status then as an illegal private institution before the NCCE.

The College later in June, 2005 applied and presented our schools and 20 departments for accreditation. During the November, 14-16 2005 accreditation exercise, the College was found qualified and got full accreditation for all the programmes.